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Moomin mug – Stockmann – (2012)

Arabia Moomin Mug #56

Stockmann (2012)

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£75 - 95 With Sticker

£55 - 70 Without Sticker

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Instead of launching it in September, this mug was accidentally released for sale in August 2012 in department store Stockmanns online store. The mug was designed to celebrate Stockmanns 150th anniv...

Instead of launching it in September, this mug was accidentally released for sale in August 2012 in department store Stockmann’s online store. The mug was designed to celebrate Stockmann’s 150th anniversary. Word of the release of a new mug spread very quickly, and the mug was sold out almost immediately. Stockmann announced that the production volume was 25 000 pieces and more mugs could be purchased after the official launch date in September. In September, Mug Stockmann was still sold out in a short period of time. An additional batch was released in December due to the high demand amongst Moomin fans. The design for the mug was found from a wrapping paper model Tove Jansson had designed for Stockmann in the late 1950s. The original texts were carefully removed from the flags and the bows, but Stockmann’s logo is still seen in Moominmamma’s handbag. The mug was a part of Stockmann’s 150 Edited Collection, product number 125. Stockmann also released tea and coffee jars, coasters, a tray and a towel with the same wrapping paper design. Since then Stockmann has also released a plate, a pitcher and a jar with a lid to complete the series.

Additional information

  • Price estimate

    • £75 - 95 With Sticker

    • £55 - 70 Without Sticker

  • Name

    • Stockmann

  • Product category

    • Moomin Mug

  • Mug number

    • 56

  • Production period

    • 2012

  • Theme

    • Special products

  • Brand

    • Arabia

  • Bottom stamp

    • 1 different

  • Stickers



  • Product designer

    • Kaj Franck

  • Graphic designer

    • Arabia

  • Characters

    • Fillyjonk

    • Little My

    • Moomintroll

    • Sniff

    • Snorkmaiden

    • Snufkin

    • The Hattifatteners

  • Original image

    • Wrapping paper - Stockmann (1950's) - Tove Jansson

  • Measurements

    • Height: 8.1, Width: 11.2, Diameter: 8.3 cm

  • Weight

    • 250 g

  • Volume

    • 300 ml

  • Colors

    • Light blue, Pink, White

  • Material

    • Vitro porcelain

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Who designs the illustrations for the Moomin mugs?

moomin mugs designer

Tove Slotte, born in 1957, is a Finnish artist and a graphic designer. She is a professional ceramist. Tove Slotte worked at Arabia from 1985 to 1990, after which she has worked as a freelance designer. She is best known for designing and illustrating the Moomin products for Iittala and Arabia ceramics. Tove Slotte has been a Moomin fan since her childhood. She says her favourite Moomin book is The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My. Tove Slotte has designed the Moomin products for Arabia for more than 30 years.

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